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  • Navigator Benefit Solutions LLC helps employers, health care providers, insurers, and brokers navigate the complex world of health care reform, employee benefits and insurance design. We offer innovative health and benefit advice, design solutions, analysis, and valuation services. Our small size, low overhead, and active involvement in industry groups allow us to offer high-quality, relevant, personalized service at reasonable rates.

    We focus on meeting the needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations. We start by understanding your organization, your needs, and what you worry about and are looking to accomplish. Unlike the larger, higher cost actuarial firms (especially those utilizing a highly leveraged model) we do not force you to accept a cookie cutter, one size fits all solution to your needs. Rather, we seek to understand your situation and provide you with technical actuarial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Our consultants have first-hand experience with several of the largest health care, life, and accounting firms. We have worked both domestically and internationally having been instrumental in helping a large Fortune 100 health insurer expand throughout Latin America. We utilize our experience to give you top quality, personalized service at a price well below our high cost competition.

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