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Employee Benefits & Actuarial Consulting Services
  • Is Self-funding
    Right for You?

  • Actuarial Value Calculator
    Online Version of 2014 HHS Excel Spreadsheet

  • nAValCulatorTM
    for Android

  • PPACA Health Reform Services

    • Accountable care organizations - take full advantage of the opportunity with our well researched and thoughtful approach
      • Hospitals - create physician productivity incentives, enhance expected returns, and achieve attractive returns on investment from new physician practice ventures
      • Physicians - develop your own or work in concert with an outside organizer to create an ACO structure which assures maximum opportunity for shared savings and retaining independence
      • Pharmaceutical companies - enhance relationships with physicians to enable pursuit of therapeutic drug treatment protocols
      • Other (food companies, venture capitalists, and fund managers) - discover new strategic, investment, and asset accumulation opportunities
    • Actuarial Value (AV) & Minimum Value (MV) calculations
    • Captive insurer creation
    • Authorized Actuary for Delaware Captives
    • CO-OP development assistance
    • Health reform education programs
    • Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and valuation services
    • Organization assessments - core competencies and leverageable skills

    Self-Insurance Actuarial Reviews and Feasibility Analysis

    • Claims experience analysis and claims volatility assessments
    • Organizational self-insurance compatibility assessment
    • Stop loss reinsurance reviews
    • Employee contribution strategy reviews and recommendations
    • Cash flow projections, budget preparation, COBRA premium calculations, & reserving strategies
    • Fully insured vs. self-insured side-by-side assessments

    Health Care Valuations

    • IBNR and reserve analysis
    • Retiree health valuations (SFAS 106, GAS 45)

    Fully Insured Actuarial Reviews

    • Claims experience review and renewal rate review for reasonability and accuracy
    • Review carrier trend and pooling charges versus benchmarks
    • Review carrier actuarial benefit adjustment factors against benchmarks
    • Employee contribution strategies

    Other Actuarial Services

    • Section 105(h) Discrimination Testing for Fully-Insured Plans
    • Peer reviews for pricing, product development, and reserve estimates
    • Interim management support